Meet Our Team

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  • Michael A. Smith
    General Manager

    Both my parents grew up on farms and that was their way of life. When I was growing up we always had a garden. I can remember having to turn the compost pile, pick weeds out of the rows, make sure the tomatoes where staked down properly. I even remember cutting the paper cartons of milk to make little house’s or domes to put over the sprouts to keep them warm on chili nights. So when I was asked to work for Bon Appétit I was thrilled. Not only because of their value’s as a company, but fresh local sourced ingredients all the time.

    Food choices that celebrate flavor are what we serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s great to be able to give those to the students, faculty and staff at St. Edwards.
    I have a sincere desire to be accommodating with a fanatical commitment to the consistent execution of the fundamentals. When you break it down, I think it’s what everyone wants to be, just like this. It’s how you get trust and respect, by leading by example; it’s also how you get follow ship which is just as important as leadership.
    I have been in the restaurant business since the age of 12; I do have a passion for food and service. I have worked many places and have accomplished a lot; being part of winning three James Beard Awards, Epicurean Awards, DiRona Awards and Ivy Awards and many Wine Spectator Awards. I feel that what I have accomplished only makes me better for my team at St. Edwards.
    A mushroom walks into a bar and wants a drink, the bartender says” we only serve to humans” the mushroom says but I am a fungi (fun guy)
    I love mushrooms.

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  • Tanner Harris
    Executive Chef

    I enjoy cooking and feeding people great tasting food. I love what food can do to all of the senses.
    I like that Bon Appétit supports in buying wonderful peak of season produce from our local farmers. We can, in turn, introduce new, locally sourced, varieties of vegetables to our guests.
    I graduated from the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont in 2005. I have been with Bon Appétit since 2011. I am proud to be the region’s forager for finding local farms and ranches to be used for our culinary delights.
    I love to cook fish just for the halibut.


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  • Elvin Lubrin
    Director of Operations

    There are few careers where one can nourish, sustain and entertain with a single bite. I am blessed to be able to provide the students, faculty and staff of St. Edward’s University thousands upon thousands of bites every day.

    It is all about the food. We have the freedom to utilize the best local ingredients at the peak of their season. The freedom we are allowed stimulates the creativity of our very talented chefs to use their experiences to create the menus for our community.

    As a Filipino-American, food was one of the main focal points of everyday life. Whether it was a baptism, wedding or even a merienda (light snack) the food is what we all looked forward to. Because of that, I’ve grown to understand the anticipation that good food brings and experiences shared surrounding every meal.

    I graduated from Texas Culinary Academy in Austin, Texas and worked in several local restaurants. I joined Bon Appétit as a line cook and worked my way to Sous Chef, Executive Chef and now the Director of Operations here at St. Edward’s University.

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  • Ruben Teran
    Sous Chef

    Having grown up in a South Texas border town, within a multicultural family taught me the appreciation of food, respect for its sources, and the love for its ability to be as diverse as any family.

    The ability to write our own menus gives us the opportunity to flex our culinary muscles and produce fun, creative, healthful and sustainable meals for our students and staff not to mention our many catered events.

    Though it was not always readily evident to me, apparently it was obvious to many around me, that my leaving the path to a long career in Jurisprudence to begin a chef’s apprenticeship, should have been a foregone conclusion. I thank my lucky stars that I have the good fortune to be one of those who has the luck to do what he loves as a career.

    Having first been an apprentice, before going to culinary school in 2003, gave me a unique context to absorb many styles and techniques from my later culinary internships across the US and abroad. Now, I have been given the opportunity, as a Sous Chef, to share that knowledge with our international student body here at St. Edward’s University.


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  • Jack Norman
    Catering Manager

    I have been in the food service industry for over 15 years. I began my career in the catering industry as a temporary catering attendant working part time while studying business management at Texas A & M. I then worked in San Antonio, Texas as a Hospitality Staffing Manager where I was involved with working with all the major hotels and catering companies. From there I moved to Tucson, Arizona where I worked for the Tucson Convention Center where I was their catering supervisor for five years.

    Yearning to return to the Lone Star State, I found my way back to my hometown of Austin, land of barbecue and home of the weird where life makes sense. I found Bon Appétit on a temporary catering assignment and was then hired on full time as the Catering Lead and then was promoted to Catering Manager. I enjoy working with Bon Appétit because although the company has grown and is nationally recognized, we still maintain our local and personable touch.

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  • Jody Olen

    I have worked in some type of food industry from waitressing, cooking and catering for 40 years, 20 of those years have been in university food service. I began as a cook, then I supervised the kitchen and wrote menus. Currently I am managing the retail section of business here at St. Edward’s University. The last 6 years have been with Bon Appétit and seeing what Bon Appétit has brought to university dining is amazing. I have two grown children who both went to college and I wish Bon Appétit had been around for them. The caring of where our food comes from and healthy aspect of cooking along with the freshest ingredients will help today’s students learn to make wise choices when venturing out on their own. I too have learned many things about our food today, which makes me a better cook for my husband and me. I love working for Bon Appétit and appreciate all the ways they have brought wonderful changes to university dining.


  • todaro_headshot
  • Peter Todaro

    Need help with a sustainability related initiative or want to know more about Bon Appétit’s national commitments to sourcing and operating as sustainably as possible? Contact Peter, your regional Fellow. Read more about Peter and his interest in food issues here!